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Poznaj klientów porno-shopów internetowych. Sprawdź, co kupują i co o tych zakupach myślą. UWAGA - po angielsku - prawdopodobnie niewiele zrozumiesz!

A customer from nc
kept my dick hard for hours mywife and I love it

ok@ok.com from MA
It's good but - remember to clean it up afterwards (you can't just throw a
towel at like the bitch) but then again you can hump it all the time and it
doesn't want to talk to much so it's better than a bitch. Just remember - hose
it off after you filler up! or just pull out - yeah do that.

Make sure your careful with the vibration level. I came so hard it blew out
her nose!

A customer from Dteroit , Michigan
All i can say is wow! I swear this doll is better than fucking a real woman.
Just thinking about her gives me a hard on, and cumming inside her is a
feeling u just have to experiennce for ur self. Hell, if it could do the
dishes and cook too, i''d marry it! U gotta have her!!
A customer from columbia south carolina
my dildo had a good time..i like to get many sex toys and let them have sex
with each other.....
This is definetly one of the better dolls on the market. Face and hair are
real looking and the tits are great. I love plowing my cock into her asshole.
I usually come within 30 seconds. The mouth is a bit small so cant really get
any oral from her. Pussy feels really nice also but I am an anal man so dont
go there that often.

Komentarze do artykułu
2004-09-20 21:47
no to TeRe FeRe!!!
2007-12-28 11:27
Przetłumaczyłam to na polski i i tak nic nie zrozumiałam. Wszystko bez ładu i składu.
2014-10-21 12:41
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